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Starting from the left; Eduard & Angela, Charles & Ida, John & Katherine, Zinaide, Philomena, Tobias & Camila.

Eduard and Angela, Charles and Ida, John & Katherine, Zina,

Philomena, Tobias and Camilla.

​The leadership of New Life Church takes on a team approach. We value team leadership that consists of diverse people from different nations, with different calling and gifting, actively working together, to lead the church forward in the plans God has for us. Above is the team that lead the church.

Teaching/Preaching Team

John Cardinal

John Cardinal is the leader of New Life Church which he pastors alongside his wife, Katherine. Together they share a passion to see people experience Jesus in a personal way and to grow spiritually, serving the community and building a church that is rooted in worship and biblical truths.

Eduard Salom

Eduard is from Spain and is married to Angela. Together they share a passion in serving the community with  great love for people. He serves the church in many different ways. He is a great blessing to the Church.

Tobias Jarnskjold

Tobias is from Norway and is married to Camilla. They are wonderful parents. He has a love for teaching the Bible in a relevant way, along side other things he does in the church. 

Ida Fernande Ubah

Ida is from Norway. She is the lead pastor of New Life kids which she pastors alongside her husband, Charles. She is also part of our teaching and preaching team. Together they share a passion in serving the New Life Kids and seeing the them grow as they explore the word of God in a fun and exciting ways.

Arne Borgersen

Arne is from Norway. He is an evangelist and has been a great blessing to the church in preaching the word of God. He has a heart for for building a church that is Christ centred and rooted in God's word.

Philomena Iversen

Philomena is from Ghana. She was part of the team that started New Life Church in 2011. She has served the church in many different ways and now part of our preaching team. She is passionate about people encountering the Holy Spirit and in serving the church.

Zinaida Repsiene

Zinaida is from Lithuania. She is an anointed worship leader of New Life church alongside other things she does in the church. She shares a passion for worship and to see people encounter God through worship and His word.

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