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A community of faith, love & hope

Life Groups meet together on a regular basis, varying from once a month, once a week or every other week. We support each other, have fun together and study the Bible. We also reach out to others who are not in the group and pray for each other. It is an integral part of developing our Christian life, as we share life experiences and our faith together.


These groups meet in homes, coffee shops, schools, and offices all around the city. It's a great place to develop meaningful friendships and get connected with others. Connecting with others in a small group is a great way to build godly community and grow in your journey with Christ.


Group leaders are free to adjust meeting times and dates, so please contact the group leader for the most current information. You can check out a few Life groups to find the one you feel connected with. 

Jesus' final instruction to his followers was to "go and make disciples." As Christ followers, this is a life-long process and not a final destination. We are on a journey to grow stronger and go deeper in our relationship with Him, and groups help to guide us along the path throughout this journey. 

If you are interested to visit or to join a group, please send us an email or contact us on Tel. 99320433

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