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 A community of faith, love & hope

We see New Life Church as a vibrant, growing, spirit-filled and an international church, impacting our city, our nation and the nations through sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, discipleship, leadership development and church planting.

Our aim is to be a community where anyone can explore and experience the Christian faith on a personal level by finding out more about Jesus Christ. We aim to be a place where everyone can enjoy worship and connect with others, grow spiritually, explore spiritual gifts and advance the kingdom of God. We do this by starting new churches and working with other churches to serve our nation in reaching out to those who seek to know Jesus – in and around the city and beyond.


We seek to achieve this by being a community of people who are:


  • Experiencing God’s presence (Faith): We exist to worship God, to glorify and love Him, to experience him through the genuine presence of the Holy Spirit and worship; We exist to dedicate our lives to Him through accepting the salvation from the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus on a personal level. To be transformed through putting our faith in Him, knowing that with Him all things are possible.  

   • Expressing God’s love (Love): We earnestly desire to build a community where everyone is welcomed and loved; to reach out to people with God's love in every way possible in order to give them the opportunity to really know God in a personal way. Developing a serving attitude to serve those that need it; using our spiritual gifts in encouraging and building each other up in love; and submitting to God's amazing and an unending love.


• Exploring God’s truth (Hope): We are to enjoy the ever unchanging, relevant, and life-changing teachings from the Word of God (The Bible), which are able to transform us, educate, instruct and reveal to us more about God, about others and ourselves. We are dedicated to exploring God's word that brings hope to the world, and applying it to our lives, in the way we relate to others and thereby disciple one another towards maturity in Christ.

The local church, as designed by God, is unique in its purpose and function. It stands as a place of worship, community, discipleship, and outreach, unlike any other organisation on earth. 

It serves as a sanctuary where brokenness finds healing, where diverse individuals come together in unity, and where the love of Christ is tangibly expressed. As believers, we are called to cherish, support, and actively participate in the thriving of our local church, recognising its unparalleled beauty, power, and potential to transform lives and communities for God's glory.

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